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Älternabend – Tanzvergnügen für Erwachsene
1 Floor: DJ Tobi II spielt am Älternabend die Hits der letzten Jahrzehnte, von Madonna bis Moby. Alles was du schon lange mal wieder hören wolltest.

Falout is a young band from Bischofswerda, Germany. The four musicians’ music is in the style of metal with influences from hard rock, rock ‘n’ roll and punk. Idols include Motörhead, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Ramones and others. After initially covering songs, they now play a repertoire consisting of a mixture of their own and cover songs. Falout’s lyrics deal with socially critical, mystical and societal conflicts. Hard, fast and heavy grooves with memorable lead passages and rough vocals characterize their music. Since 2018 they have been performing in power trio of guitar, bass + vocals and drums. In 2023, the 3 reformed into a classic metal line-up with another lead guitarist.