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Neustadt Disko – hier feiert der Kiez
1 Floor: Bad Taste Neustadt Disko mit DJ Enno
2 Floor: Bass from outta Space mit TrHYPE
Live: The Jeals

PLOTZ is a posthardcore band from Dresden, Germany, which comes with full-blown enthusiasm and the steady search for releasing their inclosed energy.
The basic idea of PLOTZ came up as Swiss raging trio COILGUNS stopped for a show in Dresden in 2013. This show made a lasting impression and caused the major inspiration for founding PLOTZ and writing some first material by the later PLOTZ’s drummer and bass player. In the following, Jonathan Nido from COILGUNS could be convinced to join the studio recording of the first PLOTZ EP in Dresden. Also, Louis Jucker from COILGUNS subsequently contributed his vocals. After finishing the recording with the Swiss guys, a self-contained band lineup was formed that first took the stage in its final form in 2016. Since that time, PLOTZ delivers a mixture (…)