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Tatort – Bitte betreten
1 Floor: Der Tatort am Sonntag Abend ist längst Kult geworden und hat nicht nur Einzug in unsere Wohnzimmer erhalten. Heute zusammen den Fall lösen in einer geheimnisvollen Atmosphäre.

Clay Feline is a music source born in the Blues and Folk, raised on bossa nova and bent to shape by dry humor.

Blending narrative, strings, claps and stomps these songs are delivered through what at times seems like a lighting storm at others a faint whistle.

Based out of Berlin the songs have be played live in many street corners, Smokey bars and music festivals. Toured through out Europe and as far as Brazil, Colombia and Thailand.

In the summer of 2019 he will release an Ep and head on a European tour.

“Clay takes no prisoners, yet feels like a welcomed visitor”.
Ray Feline, Clay Feline’s dad.