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1 Floor: DJ Larre.me - "Tanzdiele" Kopfnicker-, Arschwackel-, & Balkan-GROOVE´s
2 Floor: Tischkicker Tag - freies Training

Sean Nagata is a singer-songwriter originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.
He sings, plays the acoustic guitar and piano, and also produces
and writes his own music. He describes his music as “Acoustic Soul”.
Currently, he lives in Chicago, Illinois, where he has hosted and produced
his own music and performance art showcases, featuring various
local acts and talent from around the city.

His debut self-titled album ‘Sean Nagata” is on Spotify, as well as 2 songs
from the EP ‘Heritage’, which he recorded in Toronto. He just moved to
Berlin, Germany, in the summer of 2017 to seriously pursue his music
career and to share his music, message, and voice, in hopes to eventually
tour around the world.